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Production Review

Taking on Orwellian dystopia is a challenging task but here at the Hippodrome we like to challenge ourselves and bring a genuine depth and diversity to the productions that we stage each year. Having taken the plunge, the show was put into the hands of Richard Holley more than ably assisted by Iain Mackness as his coordinator. The final product left the audience gripped to the drama and full houses most of the week is a testament to the bravery shown in selecting a far from comfortable production. It is fair to say that each evening you could hear a pin drop in the auditorium during the points of high drama.

It was lovely to welcome new faces both on stage and in the technical realm of the production and we would like to give our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all members, old (or should we say regular!) and new, for the hours of time they volunteered to get this show on stage. The clever use of projection and the "telescreens" made for a different feel with the setting of the productions and it worked superbly. 

Finally a thanks to all of our audience. We couldn't continue if you did not come to support us with the frequency and in the numbers that you do. So, from all of us volunteers at the Hip - THANK YOU!


Check out our teaser trailer for 1984...

Winston Smith is in prison, found guilty of Thoughtcrimes against Big Brother. As part of his reconstruction, he must re-enact key moments from his past life, with the help of other thought criminals, so that everyone can learn from his mistakes. Including his biggest mistake of all: falling in love with Julia. George Orwell's classic dystopia 1984 is a still-resonant vision of the tolls of living under totalitarianism. Constructed almost entirely from dialogue taken from the original novel, this bold and powerful dramatisation restores the blazing heart of Orwell's work: a doomed love story, with the lovers at its centre.

Cast Announcement

TAODS are excited to announce our cast for our upcoming February play...George Orwell's dystopian drama, 1984. To be directed by Richard Holley 22nd to 25th February 2023. Tickets are on sale now via The Play Committee wishes to extend a very warm welcome to returning actors and two brand new cast members.

Winston - Craig Baillie

Winston 2 - Nick Birchill

Julia - Rosie Nikolich

O’Brien - Michael Crowley

Parsons - Bill Joyce

Charrington - Emma Stafford

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