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TAODS and HYT Join Forces!

TAODS and The Hippodrome Youth Theatre combine forces to bring this award-winning musical to the stage at the Hippodrome.


Not to be confused with the American themed Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical, this adaptation is true to the famous film and novel starring Alan Bates and Hayley Mills. This critically acclaimed musical will enthral audiences with its powerful and moving score and book.

The innocence of youth and the prejudices of adults collide in this heart-warming tale. The time is the late 1950s, the place, a small village in Lancashire. Hurrying to a barn with three rescued kittens, Cathy, a schoolgirl, discovers a stranger hiding there. She recognises Him immediately as Jesus Christ and tells her sister, Nan. The next day their brother Charles also learns of their discovery. They decide to tell nobody, but gradually word spreads through the children of the village. Anxious to protect Jesus from unbelieving adults, they keep His arrival a secret and besides, most of their parents are preoccupied with news of a convict on the loose in the area. Trouble starts when the village bully, Raymond, threatens to give the game away.

Featuring a full stage orchestra, and two award winning theatre groups, this promises to be a production that you shouldn’t miss. 

Audition information will be released in due course.

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