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The Award-Winning Tim Benjamin and Radius Opera  
Return with a spectacular new opera:


or, On Sticking It To The Man

One-Night Only 9th November 2019

  “The Fire Of Olympus; or, On Sticking It To The Man” is a brand-new opera by the innovative Yorkshire-based mavericks Radius Opera.

A spectacular show, it tells the story of Prometheus and Pandora, and features virtuoso singers together with the digitally combined voices of over 1000 volunteers drawn from choirs across the North of England.

In the opera, composed by Yorkshire-based Tim Benjamin, Zeus, the powerful President of Olympus, faces revolution and anarchy, as prankster activists led Prometheus steal his mystical Fire. The dramatic story includes Pandora and her famous “box” of evils, and is set in a world similar to 1960s America, amid anti-war and freedom of speech conflicts.

The opera, which is in English, re-imagines the popular 18th century operas of Handel, which contained many memorable tunes and often dealt with themes from Greek and Roman myth.

The performance lasts 100 minutes plus interval.

An introduction to the characters from Fires of Olympus