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T.A.O.D.S. Presents a real Northern Family Favourite:

Hobson's Choice

5th - 8th December 2018

Willie Mossop is a gifted but unappreciated bootmaker employed by the tyrannical Henry Horatio Hobson in his moderately upmarket Lancashire shop in 1880s. Hard-drinking widower Hobson has three daughters. Maggie and her younger sisters Alice and Vicky have worked in their father's establishment without wages and are eager to be married and free of the shop. Alice has been seeing Albert Prosser, a young up-and-coming solicitor, while Vicky prefers Freddy Beenstock, the son of a respectable corn merchant. Hobson does not object to losing Alice and Vicky, but Maggie is far too useful to part with. To his friends, he mocks the plain, severe Maggie as a spinster 'a bit on the ripe side' at 30 years of age.

Her pride injured, Maggie bullies the browbeaten, unambitious Willie into an engagement. When Hobson objects to her choice of his own employee as a husband and refuses to start paying her, Maggie announces that she and Willie will set up a shop of their own. 

Will family win out over fortitude? Will fortune prevail when the boot is on the other foot? And when backed into a corner, what is Hobson's Choice?

Come and enjoy this timeless northern comedy with us for the start of the festive season, ably directed by James Claxton.