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Grimm Returns!

TAODS is delighted to announce that we are bringing back More Grimm Tales! Phillip Pullman's celebrated telling of these age old tales adapted for the stage by Philip Wilson went down a treat when we presented them a the Hippodrome back in 2019. So we're back for more!


We're also thrilled that Justine Sutcliffe as agreed to return to her role as director! There are no safer hands to bring the mystique and mischief to life.


This production will be performed in the round so there are limited seats. Even though we have added a matinee performance, we strongly advise booking early to avoid disappointment.


Casting Auditions

22nd September 2023

The casting get together for "More Grimm Tales" our second instalment of Phillip Pullman's telling of some famous old tales will take place on the 22nd September 2023 at 7.30 in the Hippodrome Foyer.

Our original production of Grimm Tales, four years ago, was different. We came off the stage and into the round. We were ourselves, recreating stories - not actors inhabiting a role. We dressed up and had fun, mingling with the audience before and during... and now we're going to do it again... 

For our cast, we're looking for performers who are still connected to their inner child, with an appetite for something different, who are up for exploring ideas within this magical script, for a collaborative, creative approach. The ideal ensemble would be 10 people, of any appearance, age or gender. 


For this 'audition' please bring along a story you'd love to tell, from the macabre to the magical, from the ethereal to the emotional! This is about storytelling, it is not a performance - no need for costumes or props - and for once, Justine won't judge you for having a book in your hand!  We're really looking forward to a lovely evening of storytelling, what a great way to reboot our journey into the world of Grimm's Tales.

TAODS prides itself on holding open auditions and anyone who is interested is welcome to come along. The evenings are usually rather informal and always a lot of fun. You will be able to meet Justine the director and find out more about her vision for the production. The bar will be open so come along and enjoy yourselves.

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