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NODA North West Districts 3 & 12 annual Awards 2018

Todmorden Hippodrome are in the running for another scoop of awards in a range of categories again this year covering everything from musicals, youth productions, Shakespeare and drama, not forgetting staging direction and ensemble. The NODA North West District 3 & 12 Award Ceremony is due to take place on 2nd February 2019 at the Mercure Dunkenhalgh Hotel in Blackburn.  The best of luck to all of our fantastic, hard-working nominees.

Wind in the Willows:
Best comedy role - Callum Roberts
Best supporting youth- Ellie Spooner
Best lead - Callum Roberts
Best youth ensemble 
Best production team member- Martin Cook
Best youth show

Merchant of Venice:
Best set/staging
Best supporting male - Brendan Barclay
Best female lead - Justine Sutcliffe
best male lead - Richard Holley
Best direction - Elizabeth Holland
Best play

Memory of Water:
Best supporting female - Rachel Doyle Richards
Best supporting male - Richard Holley

Hobson Choice:
Best supporting Male - Brendan Barclay
Bets female lead - Katrina Heath 
Best comedy Male - Patrick sMith
Best lead Male - Patrick Smith
Best direction - James Claxton
Best play

Jesus Christ Superstar :
Best female lead - Victoria Brown
Best ensemble
Best set/staging
Best supporting Male - Joel Brown
Best lead Male - Chris Stott
Best Musical Direction- Helen Clarkson
Best Artistic Direction - Emma Cook
Best Musical