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The Ultimate Queen Show - One Night Only

Saturday 23rd February 2019

After the recent box office smash Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen of Rock takes you on a journey through the headline hits of Freddie Mercury and Queen.

This is a unique, original show, performed by an extremely talented cast of 10. In the ever-competitive ‘Queen’ market there is usually a frontman with a band – this show has a different take on the music and explores the intricate harmonies and sounds Queen were known for.

This is the ONLY production to create a live 6 part tiered harmony structure, coupled with powerful choreography. With hits such as ‘We Are The Champions’ ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’, this show is the pinnacle of production shows and is fast becoming many Queen enthusiasts ‘go-to’ show! The Live Production has been produced and commissioned by International Show Ltd, and promises to give fans a truly unforgettable experience.

Show Director, Dominic Creighton, said: “Queen of Rock is more than just a production show, it’s a celebration of the music and a homage to the late great Freddie Mercury.

We’ve taken the songs broken them down to their simplest form and recreated them to truly display the authenticity of the complex harmony structures, along with full choreographed routines and plenty of factual monologues throughout the show; it will have many a Queen fan singing along, dancing in the aisles and learning stories and reasons behind some of the greatest hits ever written.”