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The Adult Section Musical for April 2019:


9th - 13th April 2019

West Side Story Character Breakdown

All gang members, boys and girls, need to sing, dance and act
All ages are an approximation of ideal playing age!

Main Singing Roles
Tony: early twenties, Former Jet leader gone straight, idealistic, ready for something big to happen (high baritone/tenor)
Maria: seventeen, Puerto Rican, Bernardo's sister, ingénue, innocent, longing for something, too. (soprano)
Riff: late teens, early twenties, leader of the Jets, quick-tempered, edgy, loyal (high baritone/tenor)
Bernardo: late teens, early twenties, leader of the Sharks, Maria's brother, dark, brooding, Anita's boyfriend (baritone/high bass)
Anita: late teens, early twenties, Bernardo's girl friend, watches over Maria, saucy, no-nonsense, tells the truth, both work in the dress shop (mezzo-soprano)

The Jets (all late teens)
Action: easily angered and excited
Diesel: toughest of the gang, tall and muscular
Snowboy: possibly the most reliable member of the Jets
A-Rab: weary one of the gang
Baby John: youngest of the gang
Big Deal: hangs around with Diesel a lot
Ice: cool, calm and collected
Gee-Tar, Tiger, Mouthpiece
Anybody's: tomboy who wants to become a Jet

Their Girls (all late teens)
Velma (Riff's Girl)
Graziella (Diesel's Girl)
Minnie (Baby John's Girl)
Clarice (Big Deal's Girl)
Pauline (everybody's)

The Sharks (all late teens)
Chino: young, shy
Pepe: Bernardo's right-hand man
Indio, Luis, Anxious, Toro, Nibbles, Moose & Juano

Their Girls (all late teens)
Consuelo (Pepe's Girl)
Rosalia, Teresita, Estella, Margarita & Francesca

Officer Krupke: a bigoted, neighborhood police officer
Doc: owner of the drug store where Tony works
Lt. Shrank: the precinct's police lieutenant
Glad Hand: chaperone at the dance