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An exciting, funny and inspirational musical musical about the wonder of childhood, the power of the imagination and what it means to grow up.

Milo is Sam’s only friend and they spend all their time together. Using only their imaginations, they transform the world into a magical place of adventure and excitement. But as Sam’s first day at a new school approaches, his mother worries that Milo is holding her son back. Find out all the details and book your tickets by Clicking HERE

After the success of last year's festival, it's no surprise that the 10-day long literary event returns to Todmorden with the Hippodrome once again being one of the focal points for celebrated speakers from the world of poetry, novel writing and film and television. Highlights this year coming to the theatre include Simon Armitage, Philippa Gregory in conversation with Mike Poulton, an Open Mic evening with local writers' group the Wednesday Writers and the long-awaited return of Sally Wainwright and her Life in Writing. 

To find out more and how to book tickets, click HERE

Tim Benjamin and Radius Opera who brought Emily and Madame X to the Todmorden Hippodrome returns with his brand new opera. The Fire of Olympus is a spectacular take on the legends of Prometheus and Pandora, featuring brilliant singers, powerful music and the voices of 1,000 volunteers drawn from choirs across the north of England. Find out more by clicking HERE.

Six deliciously dark tales aimed at young and old alike, collected by the brothers' Grimm from the fairy tales of Germany, brought to life by the master of dark materials, Philip Pullman and adapted for stage by Philip Wilson this production promises to be something a little bit magical and different with actors among the audience and the stage in the auditorium! The play has just been cast, so to keep up with news on all rehearsals, click HERE

Martin is a milkman whose milk float is losing parts as fast as he's losing customers. His son, Billy is painting a revealing picture of Dolly Parton to get him into Art College and daughter, Sophie, Ju-Jitsu queen is fighting for her career and fighting off a plumber in a pink van. Mum Kath works two jobs and experiments in the kitchen - but serving sushi for Christmas dinner is never going to end well. Oh, and there’s something wrong with the kitchen sink…

This comedy will see the directing debut of Tilly Sutcliffe and Jack Wagman for T.A.O.D.S. For more details, click HERE

It’s time to roll the dice and fall in love under the bright lights of New York city!

To settle a bet, high roller Sky Masterson pursues straight-laced Sergeant Sarah Brown, only to fall head over heels for his unlikely love.

This spectacular musical comedy is a high energy riot of breathtaking dance and features all-time favourites Luck be a Lady, Guys and Dolls and the irresistible Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat. For all the details, click HERE