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It was a brilliant week in October that saw the return of the Hippodrome Youth Theatre! Styles and Drewe's re-imagining of this classic tale certainly bring its challenges! From the huge set implications, to the challenging score and the flying of children it was certainly a production that tested all who were involved.

The society would like to thank all those who worked tirelessly on the production, every aspect was brought together (eventually!) to create a week of magical performances that left the 1764 audience members thrilled.

Read the NODA review here - There is a mistake in the first paragraph where Mrs Darling is referred to as being played by Emma Rawlinson. This should read Thea Crowther.

Audience Feedback

The Hippodrome Youth Theatre is back!

After the enforced hiatus that was Covid the award winning Hippodrome Youth Theatre is back in business. This Autumn we are delighted to bring some magic back to the Hippodrome stage as we proudly present "Peter Pan - A Musical Adventure". 

Close your eyes and imagine, close them tight and pretend as you take off on a magical trip to Never Land, where you never grow old!

JM Barrie’s timeless tale of the boy who refused to grow up is reborn as a spectacular musical. The legend of Peter Pan has been delighting children for over 100 years and this faithful new version is a fantastical adventure, perfect for the whole family.

Featuring music and lyrics by the award-winning duo George Stiles and Anthony Drewe (Mary Poppins, Wind in the Willows), we join Peter and the Darling family as they are whisked away to the famous land full of colourful characters including the Lost Boys, Tiger Lily and, of course, the dastardly Captain Hook. With a spectacular mix of swashbuckling adventure, jaw dropping flying, and an infectious score, Peter Pan is guaranteed to bring forth one's inner child, and send you reeling "Just Beyond the Stars."

So what are you waiting for? With a guaranteed night of laughter and adventure for all the family get you tickets booked! 

Nearly Show Time!

Our amazing cast have been working hard over the last few weeks to bring our production to life. With only weeks to go we're in the final straight and working hard to bring the magic of Peter Pan to the Hippodrome Theatre. In the midst of our toil we took time out for a quick photo shoot - let us introduce you to some of our fantastic young actors!

Don't Forget to book your tickets for what promises to be a fabulous family night of fun!

Finn Maden and Rebecca Spooner portray the calamitous two-some of Captain Hook and his bosun Smee. Wherever Hook goes his trusty sidekick is never far behind and often in the way! 

Emma Spooner plays the ever thoughtful Wendy Darling. Whisked away with the adventures promised by Peter she arrive sin Neverland to find herself "Mother" to the Lost Boys. Has Wendy bitten of more than she can chew? Will Peter play his part or will the call of adventure be too strong for the ever youthful Pan?

Joseph Dowling returns to the stage as our hero Peter Pan. Reunited with his detached shadow he leads the Darling Children off on a whirlwind escapade of daring do - Pirates, mermaids and Tiger Lily's braves await - but will Tinkerbell be a fan of the new additions in Neverland? 

Some of our Lost Boys (left), Pirates (right) and Megan Shaw, our Tiger Lily

Neverland wouldn't be the place of wonder that it s without these inhabitants. The Lost Boys - fearless in the face of danger (or so they'd have you believe). The Pirates - as swashbuckling buccaneers, intent of the destruction of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, are about as useful as a chocolate tea pot! Meanwhile Tiger Lily and her Braves keep track of their movements ready to join the fray with Peter when they hear his cock-crow

Behind the Scenes

It isn't just the production team and the cast that have been hard at work!

We have a small but dedicated band of volunteers beavering away on stage and below to produce all our costumes, props and set. Without their countless hours of hard work we wouldn't be able to bring you the wonderful shows that we do at the Hippodrome.

So, we thought we'd give just a sneak peak at some of their labours, without giving too much away of course!

Remember if you ever feel that spark of enthusiasm we're always looking for more helpers!

Captain Hook is looking ship-shape and Bristol fashion in his wonderful costume made by out brilliant wardrobe team - He's looking pretty serious - You'd best get your tickets booked before he unleashes fury!

It promises to be a riot of colour in Neverland as our set and props team are hard at work building, painting and crafting - We had best keep them happy, those sling shots look like they could do some damage! Brew anyone?

Tickets on sale now! Click the image to get your seat for this magical, musical adventure!

Casting Announcement

After some wonderful auditions we a pleased to announce the main cast of characters below.

Finn Maden - Hook

Joseph Dowling - Peter Pan

Emma Spooner - Wendy

Rebecca Spooner - Smee

Thea Crowther  -Mrs Darling

Maebh - LogueJohn

Ben Crowley - Michael

Ella Reis - Storyteller

Megan Shaw - Tiger Lily

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