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Gaslight - Feb 2024

Todmorden Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society is proud to present Patrick Hamilton's psychological drama, set in Victorian times, which is just as relevant today as when it was written in 1938.

Bella Manningham lives in a constant state of fear and doubt. When her husband Jack leaves the house she hears strange noises above, objects seem to go missing or change location, and most importantly the gas lamps seem to be getting more and more ineffectual. Is there something unnatural at work here, or as Jack insists, is she simply losing her mind...? When a stranger comes into her life, everything she thought she knew gets turned on its head and she begins to question everything about her reality.

The term "gaslighting" – psychological manipulation intended to make the victim question their sanity – has now become embedded in our language, and Hamilton could never have imagined that his drama would give today's world such a powerful term.

Tickets for this thriller are on sale now so book early to avoid disappointmet.

Casting Auditions Announced

Open Get Together 10th October 2023

Auditions 14th October 2023

TAODS are proud to hold open auditions for all our productions. If you are interested in performing with us in next February's play Gaslight please come along to the open get-together. The evening will be a very relaxed affair, the bar will be open and you will have opportunity to find out more about the play and meet our director Iain Mackness.


The event will consist of an introduction from Iain and then a very informal readthrough of the play, switching characters as we go, so all who are interested can have a read. Further information will also be provided about the audition process on the 14th of October.


We hope to see you there.

Character descriptions for auditions

Bella Manningham: Mid-thirties, a once strong-willed woman who has been worn down by events and now no longer trusts her own thoughts and feelings. Grew up in relative wealth but now has very little of her own. Although she seems dependent on her husband, Bella’s spirit has not been totally crushed and throughout the play she regains a lot of her inner strength.


Jack Manningham: Mid-forties. Charming at first, but with an edge. A womaniser. He has a magnetic presence and skilfully manipulates Bella. His past is shrouded in mystery.


Rough: Late Fifties /early Sixties. An ex-detective who has never properly retired. Charming when he wants to be, but lacking empathy at other times. Pretends to care about Bella, but his focus is on closing his final case.


Elizabeth: Fifties. The Manningham’s cook and housekeeper. Initially it’s hard to tell who’s side she is on.


Nancy: Nineteen. The Manningham’s Maid. Not a big fan of Bella, and at first

she seems to only tolerate Jack’s inappropriate questions and comments about her appearance. Later her true personality comes out and we see that she has a lot more agency than at first glance.

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